FXConnectx can make all aspects of creating and performing music easier, faster and better. Whether it's freedom from the board on stage, purer sound in the studio or fast set-up at practice jams, you're going to wonder how you ever lived without you FXConnectx system.

Recording Studio Sound Engineers can now keep the player's full rigs in isolation where they belong and players can be free to play anywhere and be in full control of their sound (we sure like to play in the booth, but don't like running all those long wires)!  Purer sound, fast set up times and flexibility are things that will help you get the most out of your recording studio sessions when using FXConnectx.

FXConnectx makes jam sessions a little easier and more exciting. Spend less time setting up your gear and tripping over wires and more time experimenting with ways to use your wireless system to take your performances to the next level.

Using the FXConnectx system will simplify moderately complex setups and open a window of opportunities to improve your performance and stage show (freedom and control) all while giving you peace of mind that a faulty wire (or worse) will not ruin your show. For the guitarist/bassist your effects and wires stay safely off stage. You can drop multiple wireless floor controllers anywhere on the stage (or off the stage) without running wires or power. Simple setup. Turn them on and go. Instruments can be outfitted with Body Pack controllers that can be used when away from the floor units or even backstage. Each guitar and backup guitars can have their own controller attached to the strap and ready to go. When used by a vocalist, you are now in full control of your own effects (echo, verb, harmony, etc...) with the press of a button or stomp of your foot - you are in control. Freedom of expression and freedom to improvise.


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