Phantom MidiPro

“‘Worlds First’ Proprietary-Digital Wireless 2.4GHZ Spread-Spectrum System”

1. Phantom MidiPro (Call/Email for Pricing)

  • Take your Midi Equipment and AB/Tap/Data Switch Device WIRELESS!
  • ALL Midi Devices, AB/Tap Devices/Switch Devices/Data Devices On The Market=Wireless
  • IE: Synth, Keyboards , DJ Equipment, Lighting, Midi Devices, Switchers, Ab-Data-Tap Devices, Studio Equipment, Pedalboard, Effect Pedals, ECT
  • Zero out risk of injury while optimizing live and studio experience/production.

Experience FXC legendary performance with the NEW Patent-Pending, Phantom MidiPro. The Phantom MidiPro converts all hardwired Midi Equipment, Switchers, Synths, Pianos, Keyboards, DJ Equip, Lighting, Tap/AB Devices=Wireless and more. With the Phantom system(s) you will NEVER have to run cables again and it is Plug-In-Play!

One system delivers it all! The Phantom MidiPro is universal and delivers an entire cable free wireless combination system that now converts all hardwired midi & data switch equipment to wireless! Phantom MidiPro is equipped with our proprietary 2.4ghz Spread-Spectrum Digital Wireless Transmitter & Receiver (No Channel Select Required). Phantom MidiPro utilizes no audio processing, no cable-tone manipulation, no compression while ensuring the user to never experience a dropout. The MidiPro is lightning fast while achieving a proprietary crystal-clear and true-tone sound quality. Phantom MidiPro allows the user to add up to 24 Transmitters providing the artist full mobility, belt clip mount option, equipped with a rechargeable Lithium battery and much more. The Phantom MidiPro is housed in a rugged metal enclosure built to last and built for the road. Phantom MidiPro offers FXC proprietary midi software to ensure no interference, no data packet loss and maximum performance. The Phantom system can be used with so many applications; there are just too many combinations to list.

How it Works: Simple Plug-In-Play
-Converting Hardwired Midi Devices to Wireless
  • Simply connect your Midi cable(s), in its shortest length(s), directly into the provided 5Pin Midi Port/Channel.
  • After plugging your Midi cable(s) into the provided 5Pin Midi Port, your device(s) are now wireless.
  • -Converting Hardwired AB/Data/Tap Devices to Wireless
  • 1ch Input / Output Selector, plug your TRS cable(s) from your AB/Data/Tap device(s) directly into the user selected Channel 2 port.
  • After plugging your TRS Cable(s) into your selected Ch2 Port your device(s) is now wireless.
  • -Phantom MidiPRo Series Systems Capabilities: Wireless Staging, Wireless Mobility, Wireless Freedom
    *Detailed Product Images Are Currently Being Conducted
  • Phantom MidiPro: Converting Hardwired Midi Devices to Wireless + Converting Hardwired AB/Data/Tap Devices to Wireless. (L4.5in x W3.0in x H1.0in)
Invented/Designed for all artists, performers, stages, theaters, studios and venues that never want to run a series of hazardous, time consuming cable(s) again. Experience NO drop-outs, the cleanest-tone, innovative cutting edge technology, longer lasting battery life and further extended wireless freedom! The Phantom MidiPro is Equipped with our proprietary Spread-Spectrum wireless transmitters and receivers there is NO required frequency channel selecting. FXC wireless is designed with our proprietary software and hardware that will never allow for interference or drop-outs like other wireless systems on the market.

Just as easy and as beneficial it has been to make your instrument wireless, don't stop their! FXC has perfected the affordable universal approach in converting the rest of your midi hardwired devices, providing the user with a cleaner playing platform, enhanced performance, a hazard free operation, faster set-up/break-down times and more reliable then the out dated cluttered-cabled system to wireless. Example, the artist remotely locates their pre-existing HARDWIRED devices, Synth, Piano, Midi equipment or an entire pedalboard anywhere up to 250ft in wireless range, plug into the designated ports, turn the power (ON) and that's it.

XConnectx systems are all offered with our award winning proprietary crystal-clear tone technology providing you the best tone on the market guaranteed. The Phantom MidiPro may operate stand-alone and also may be combined with all FXConnectx wireless products. Phantom MidiPro does not compete with ANY audio musical devices, midi devices or ANY current wireless systems on the market.

Please review our provided Phantom Series Diagrams below. The Phantom Series diagrams are a helpful tool in understanding the system series universal capabilities, universal consumer application use, basic hook up guides and wireless solutions.

Phantom Series Specifications:
  • Compatible with all FXConnectx Wireless Products
  • Words First/ONLY Wireless Midi, AB/Tap/Data Switch Systems
  • Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation
  • 2.4ghz Digital Spread-Spectrum Technology
  • Proprietary Spread-Spectrum(Frequency Hoping) Technology to ensure ZERO interference and global operation
  • Proprietary FXC Custom True-Tone Technology
  • Highly robust forward error correction (FEC)
  • Wireless Range: 250ft (Line Of Sight)
  • Proprietary FXC Custom ZERO Transmission Delay
  • Proprietary FXC Custom Processors
  • Proprietary FXC Custom Stereo Modules
  • Non-Volatile Memory Retains Last Channel Selection
  • Zero Latency
  • FCC/CE Certified
  • Single ¼” Neutrik (Input/Output) Connections
  • Midi 5P (Input/Output)
  • AB/TAP/Data/Switch (Input/Output)
  • Secured Sync Modes (Additional Transmitters)
  • Body Pack Mount, Pedalboard Mount, Rack Mount, Amplifier Mount
  • Rugged Extruded Aluminum Enclosures
  • Small, Lightweight, Compact
  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • Li-Ion Recharbale Battery Included (Transmitter)
  • Antennas, Batteries and AC Adapter Included
  • Plug-In-Play

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