Wireless Studio Pro-16ch Pedalboard

If you are reading this then you are Just like Us and also one of the many that are tired of being stuck to one stationary location, being tethered to one pedalboard, you are sick of your excessive break down and set up times, long cable runs, tap dancing, audio tone sucking challenges and much more!

FxConnectx has developed, engineered and offers solutions to everything mentioned and much much more!!

FxConnectx is your Audio Solutions Industry Leader In Analog True Bypass Wireless Control!

FxConnectx Wireless Pedalboard Stage Pro-16ch and Studio Pro-16ch systems are designed to provide wirelessly controlled True-Bypass Analog “Transparent” Audio switching technology to control effects pedals, rigs, boards, guitar/audio racks, recording studios or any other application up to 275 feet in wireless range. NOW! “FxConnectx Wireless Pedalboards”

Simply place as many FxConnectx Wireless Pedalboards as you want or need around the stage, arena, rehearsal space or recording studio, turn them all on and you are now free to roam around wirelessly with full control!

Used by Professional Guitarist, Bassists, Vocalists, Recording Studios and Live performances there is nothing else that compares to the control, speed, flexibility, expandability that FxConnectx Wireless Pedalboards deliver to the industry!

No longer have long set up and break down times, no longer trip over long cable runs, get your full tone, no longer be subject to one stationary location, no longer tap dance. Cut the Cord and become truly full wireless with FxConnectx and get all of what you have long been missing. Control your effects pedals and rig wirelessly when and where you need it!!

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System Features

  • Compatible with all FxConnectx Wireless Body Pack Effects Controllers
  • FCC certified internal 2.4GHz Custom Proprietary Transmitter Interface.
  • 4.2 Billion Security Codes ensures secure operation across the globe
  • 275+ wireless range
  • FXC Custom “Sync Control” Microprocessor Algorithms ensure accurate timing and synchronization with the wireless main unit.
  • Proprietary Failsafe Protection Feature (Audio pass-through during power loss/unit powered off).
  • Programmable mode control (Patch, Momentary, or Toggle)
  • Remote Dip Switching to set each wireless controller to control specific effects pedals/rig settings.
  • Patch programing, scenes and bank memory selections: Eliminate tap dancing.
  • TAP feature allows wireless control of tap/tempo features of echo, delay, and looper pedals.
  • Easily consolidate commonly stacked/chained effects into groups for quick, one-step switching. Eliminates multiple stomps “Tap Dance”.
  • Transmitter activity indicator
  • 16 tactile switches dedicated to True-Bypass Analog channel control
  • 16ch Board or 16ch Board (A)/ 16ch Board (B) tactile switches dedicated to channel control
  • 1+ A/B Channel Selector
  • Control amp channel switching. A/B, Clean/Dirty, Etc...
  • System Audio Mute Switch
  • Audio MUTE using our FXC custom “Soft Mute or Hard Mute” system
  • 2+ Tap/Tempo Controls
  • Rigid lightweight aluminum enclosure.
  • Low battery light detection
  • Powered by a single 9 volt alkaline battery
  • Each unit is assembled by hand and factory tested to the highest standards.
  • Made and Engineered in the USA.
  • 1 year guaranteed Manufacturing Warranty on parts.
  • 30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.


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