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With FXConnectx, no longer are long tone-killing, troublesome cable runs required to connect and control effects to a rig or sound board.

With FXConnectx, all cable runs can be VERY short and everything can remain inside a protected rack. As an example, a 20 foot Send cable to a floor board and a 20 foot Return cable back to a rig totals 40 feet of audio signal/integrity loss and chances for connection troubles. With FXConnectX in your rack, 40 feet of cable can now be reduced down to 12 inches or less, but you can be a few hundred feet away!


The FXConnectx system consists of a Wireless Control System (Stage Pro & Studio pro lines) and one or more peripherals (Wireless Body Pack Controller or Wireless Pedalboard). These peripherals are used to wirelessly switch the audio effects from EQ’s, pedals, processors, etc. The amount of devices you can control depends on the amount of channels available on the FXConnectx system you purchase.


The FXConnectx System has been designed to provide wirelessly controlled True Bypass Analog "Transparent" Audio Switching technology for pedal boards, guitar/audio racks, recording studios, or any application up to 275 feet in distance! There is nothing else that compares to the sound quality, speed, flexibility and simplicity that FXConnectx has to offer musicians, vocalists and sound engineers alike!

It's not complex to use or expensive, just engineered to do the job and do it right! We're musicians too! That's how we came up with the idea!


Do you own "vintage" pedals or pedal that are not "true" true-bypass? Well, unless your effects or anything else in the chains between your guitar and amp is not true-bypass, then they are altering your instruments tone in a not so good way! Vocalists, this applies to your "instrument" as well!

First, you have to run long cables out to the stage (or studio) and back again (long cables attenuate your instrument's signal, gets in everyone's way and always fails at the wrong time - during the show of course!).

Then, chances are that some (or all) of your pedals use a transistor or JFET to switch them on and off (not true-bypass), again, sucking up your tone! No more!



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