Gary Holt
Lead Guitarist - Exodus & Slayer

Gary Holt's stage set-up includes a Stage Pro-8 Wireless Switching System, 2 Pedalboards, 1 Body Pack and a Phantom Cable-Eliminator.








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Exodus FxConnectx Set-up




Derek Williams
Jake Owen (Lead Guitar)

Derek Williams plays with a Stage Pro-8 Wireless Switching system with 2 Pedalboards and a Phantom AudioPro







Hanging out at Derek Williams' House




Lee Altus
Exodus (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)

Lee Altus plays with a Phantom MidiPro.









Dave Linsk
Lead Guitarist - Overkill & Speed\Kill/Hate

"When I first heard about the FXConnectx Wireless Pedal board System I was very skeptical. I thought to myself what the hell is that going to sound like? Anyway, the idea of not having too run two 30 or 50 foot cables to my pedals was the motivation to check this out. Then I found out I could have as many wireless pedal boards as I want, at as many locations on stage as possible? I had to try one. I then spoke to FXConnectx about the sonic quality of the unit because I don`t compromise on sound. I use the best Evidence Audio cables available and they are a very important part of my sound. I was not going sacrifice and give up anything so I could have wireless pedals. It turns out that the switching itself is what is wireless and the sound quality of your original sound is fully transparent. All my pedals are still connected with Evidence wires so things stay exactly the same. One word "Amazing". I just got back from the US and European tours where I put it all to the test, using 2 wireless remote locations, the system is flawless.

The FXConnectx system sounds absolutely stellar. This is one piece of gear that has become a permanent staple in my rig."


Overkill Session with FXConnectx System
End Of The Line
Bitter Pill
Hello from the Gutter


Alexander G
Bassist/Solo Artist

Where do I even begin to explain what a remarkable addition the FXConnectx Stage Pro-8 effect control system is to my stage/studio rig. The ease of use and setup was one thing, but the sound quality and capability of this amazing system is truly unparralled to any other system I have seen on the market today. I did not realize the significant tone I was losing from other effect pedals and cables sucking my tone until I upgraded to FXC...

A couple highlights for me along with the overall wireless control and tap dancing being done away with was the onboard buffer, Klick killer and absolutely no signal latency ! Lightning fast switch and absolutely tone flawlessness!

I had first seen the system being used by a close friend of mine and fellow FXC Artist Ronny North. After seeing up close how the system works I was interested in getting a system. After time I managed to get the Stage Pro-8 integrated into my system. This is the only switching system that I will ever use and it is now a permanent part of my rig.

FXConnectx Is the best choice that any artist can make when it comes to switching systems. Being able to join the likes of Ronny North, Overkill, Madina Lake, etc, is truly an awesome thing. Special Thanks to Michael, Joey and the entire FXConnectx Team.

So my advice to anyone that wants REAL Tone and performance.. Get an FXC effects switching system... I also say to you, get yourself together and CUT THE CORD !! I will always Go with FXConnectx!!

God Bless
Alexander G
Bassist/Solo Artist


Ken Center
Audio Engineer at Revival Christian Fellowship

"FxConnectx is amazing! The FxConnectx Stage Pro- 8 channel system has revolutionized our churches stage. With complete wireless capability we are able to make stage transitions smooth and fast. Our worship leader is amazed with is versatility of the Stage Pro- 8 channel system, using his pedalboard along with his Airturn for Ipad page turning and a Radial hotshot For momentary Talk back. From an Audio engineers point of view the Stage Pro- 8 channel system does the job. With 4 true bypass analog channels you get no coloring of tone making my job easier. I would like to personally thank Michael for all his help and knowledge with the product and the tech team that did an amazing job on the Radial hotshot MOD. Again Thank you FxConnectx for an amazing product and cant wait to work with you in the future."



Dale Winters
London Cries "Lead Guitarist”
Hometown Melbourne Australia

"As a singer, songwriter who tours and records as my profession, having the best quality equipment is an absolute necessity. I always make sure to play with only the best equipment and record with the best equipment. As a lead guitarist I have always spent much time trying to improve the audio quality of my rig. I have always taken much time in both my set-up and breakdown of my pedals and entire rig.

One of the main issues in being a guitarist is mobility on and off stage while performing and recording. When I came across the technology that FxConnectx had developed I was honestly blown away and extremely excited mate. There are so many elements that the technology and company has to offer us all artists big or small no matter what our role may consist off. I was thrilled to take the product for a run live at the Playboy Mansion for a special event June 1st, 2012. Using the body pack and controlling my effects pedals by my figure tips was by far a must have for any player! I was able to go anywhere I wanted and did not have to return to the FxConnectx foot controllers unless I wanted to. To be able to have both options both by hand control and foot was something that’s never been offered ever before. The flexibility that all of the FxConnectx systems have to offer with the mobility all in one took my performance to a level never before able to be done. I strongly recommend all of the products FxConnectx has to offer to you as the artist. The company as a whole is not only one of the easiest companies I have had the pleasure in working with but also the pro quality they now allow us artist to have is groundbreaking and like I have said before a true must have!!"

Thanks FxConnectx for standing behind me no matter where I am in the world.
Cheers Mate!
Dale Winters

Dale performing at the Playboy Mansion with FXConnectx



Aubrey O'Day

FXConnectx used and performed with in the new hit single "Wrecking Ball" by World Renown Aubrey O'Day.

Photos from the Making of Wrecking Ball

Ronny North

Ronny North plays his own signature brand of instrumental guitar rock and is fast becoming a So Cal guitar hero. He won the Best Male Guitarist Award at the 2006 All Access Magazine Music Awards and has received several accolades including a Citation from the City of Los Angeles for performing at their 2011 El Sereno food truck event, and a citation from the U.S. Vets for performing at their 2011 Standdown event. He has appeared in and or has been featured in several national and international music publications. Ronny’s music has been used by several TV shows and small movies and was licensed by MTV to use on their reality shows including “The Real World". He has also recently ventured into film scoring for movies and is currently scoring the independent film The Chauffeur. Ronny is a firm believer in using his music to help others and regularly plays charity events such as the Special Olympics Summer Games (for which he just performed for the 11th consecutive year), Toys for Tots, Support The U.S. Troops, The El Sereno Food Truck Charity event, Covenant House, Musicians in Need, Save Lives Animals in Need, Veterans in Need, the Norwalk Unified School District, the Cancer Society, Tsunami Relief and the Haiti Quake victims among others. Definitely check out Ronny and see what all the excitement is about. He's tomorrow's guitar hero today…

"The FXconnectx switching system is the next level in modern pro switching systems..total flexibility and set up to the artists needs... did I mention it's wireless??? It's changed the way I thought of switching systems.. oh yeah, the crew at FXconnectx are musicians and totally get it..... I have my FXconnectx system now go get yours now!!!!"


Ronny North


Paul Freeman

Born in South Wales, self taught musician Paul Freeman found his first guitar in the bottom of a dumpster at the age of 12. This humble beginning makes it difficult to believe Freeman would sign to his first label at the age of 16 and later become legendary producer Clive Davis' last personal signing to Sony Records.

Freeman's impressive resume includes collaborations with many of his own inspirations including, Joe Cocker, Todd Rundgren, Edwin Mccain, Shaun Colvin, Brandi Carlil, Los Lobos, Elton John, Roger Daltrey, Chris Isaac and Chris Cornell. He has played guitar on tour with music greats such as Roger Daltrey, Steve Winwood, James Blunt, Shania Twain and Amy MccDonald. His talent far exceeds only his guitar skills, he has also written songs for Deana Carter, Mark Owen and multi-platinum recording artist, Robbie Williams to name a few.

Based in LA, Freeman is now compiling his endless musical repertoire into his first full debut record The King of False Alarms, and is preparing for yet another year of touring.

"At last, FXConnectx has shaped the future of wireless technology, an amazing product. I am Paul Freeman and I only play FxConnectx, the Artist Choice."


Paul Freeman

Paul performing with Roger Daltrey

1909_daltrey_royal_albert_nonexc 276.JPGme and Roger.JPG1909_daltrey_royal_albert_nonexc 616.JPG


Matthew Leone
Medina Lake

Europian Tour


Matthew Leon Performing with his FXC Gear



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