About Us

Business summary
FXConnectx® is a California LLC Technology Group, headquartered in Southern California and originated in 2012. "Our mission is to secure domestic-foreign Intellectual Property, Engineering, and development of-proprietary, cutting-edge, industry-innovations, and much like "802.11" is to home computer networking, we are targeting the standardization of all wireless technology to be powered by FXConnectx®." Our Group is a trusted, multi-market innovator, provider, for hire and manufacturer of proprietary wireless technologies. We provide comprehensive international and domestic solutions with partnerships in over 20 countries for distributors, retailers, manufactures, talent and corporations. Areas of partnership opportunities include, but are not limited to, product solutions/advancements/re-engineering, fully developed wireless product lines, authorized Re-sellers/Distributors, OEM/licensing product lines, intellectual property licensing and technology integration.

Industry problem statement
With regards to electronics, and energy transfer, cords are antiquated. They are inferior, inconvenient, resistant, awkward, and intrusive, have a high failure rate, and can cause injuries. It is the mission of FXConnectx® to provide global universal proprietary wireless solutions and intellectual property.

We Cut The Cord™, solving age-old industry problems with Wireless Innovations & Solutions.


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